End of the Year Questions for Your Homeschool Student

As another school year wraps up, I want to share a very simple but helpful end of the year practice we do in our homeschooling journey. Years ago I created an evaluation sheet, which I give to my kids at the end of the school year for them to fill out. The quick assignment provides me with valuable insight and direction I wouldn’t otherwise have received. I hope these few end of the year questions will be of benefit to your family as well or at least assist you in creating your own evaluation sheet. For example, I only ask directly about history and science rather than all the subjects, so you might want to add questions about each subject taught. Though I use the form in a homeschool situation, I’m sure a similar concept could provide helpful feedback for all schooling situations. Congratulations on finishing up another school year! Praise the Lord we made it through 2020-2021! What a year!

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

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