While you and I can’t sit down for a cup of coffee and solve all the world’s problems right now, I can sit down at my computer and share some of what I have learned so that the world, your world specifically, will be a slightly better place because of the time spent here.

I am old by some standards and young by others.


I’ve lived long enough as an adult to see that over and over again I have changed.  Life experiences have a way of potentially opening your eyes and helping you see more clearly than you did when you were truly young if you let them.  Yet, I know I may live much longer and learn a lot more.

So as I share on this blog, I am very away that my future self may not agree with my current self.  I am also aware that I may be misunderstood at times.  And, my grammar may not be perfect.  And, typos may exist.

Nevertheless, I will take the risk and speak now.  Because right now, I see a lot of pain in the world.  A lot of brokenness.  Especially regarding continued racial issues in America.  I want to do my part to help.

To understand how racial issues started to become such a burden to me, I recommend you read my post: What the White Lady and the Black Lady Said Over Coffee.

If you have a burden to better understand the African American narrative and perspective in the United States, I recommend my post that lists many resources to get you started on such a journey.

This blog will be about more than racial matters, but that is the topic that is most heavy on my heart and keeps surfacing most frequently as I write.

Who am I?  Hopefully you’ll figure that out as you read.  However, I’ll go ahead and let you know I strive to glorify God in all that I do (often failing, but letting you know the goal), and I am a Bible-believing Christian.

photo of child reading holy bible
Photo by nappy on Pexels.com

Thank you so much for reading!  I pray you will be encouraged.

Elizabeth Neal