I finished reading Alexander Hamilton!

My unwanted 2019 Christmas present has transformed into one of my all time favorite books. Though it took me over a year to read Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow, I recently finished and absolutely love the book.

Yet I’m having a hard time knowing what to write in this post. I’m exuberant that I finished this monumental goal and want to share this triumph with you. But more than that I want you to understand how impactful this book was and all that I learned from it. But how do I even begin to communicate that?

Back during Christmas 2019 as soon as I laid eyes on this mammoth book about a man who lived long ago in the 1700s, I had immediately concluded I would never read it. How could I have judged this book so wrongly? Same with my new house. Half a year ago I had such a hard time letting go of my home of 16 years and trusting my husband’s desire to finally move into a larger home for our family of six. Yet, my new home and neighborhood have been an incredible blessing and I am presently baffled that I so strongly resisted the move.

So though I want to tell you all that I learned from Alexander Hamilton, perhaps the greater message is that sometimes what we wouldn’t naturally choose is exactly what we need. What are you resisting in your life simply because it is not what you would have naturally chosen?


  1. I beat you by a week and a half! I meant to tell you last Saturday, and I’m with you, it was a great book. As I did last the chapters in my Kindle app, I saw so many portions that I had highlighted. The situations of that day almost prophesied ours today. Somehow that past echo of present conflicts made me feel better, not worse about the American spirit. Very good book. So glad you thought so too.

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    • Exactly how I felt! Nothing new under the sun at all! The book had a very emotional impact on me throughout. I’m curious if you experienced that at all. We’ll have to have coffee and discuss further! 🙂 Congratulations on finishing it as well!


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