#81: We’ve Made it a Whole Month!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, I think we need to take a moment and celebrate that we have made it a WHOLE MONTH in quarantine!!! I glanced over my past posts and noticed that one month ago today I published my first quarantine post. Can you believe we have been doing this social distancing stuff for a whole month?! CRAZY!

I think we need to acknowledge the amazing job we have all done in persevering in this very unexpected global crisis. WE DID IT!!! We’ve made it this far and we can keep on making it. One day at a time.

Not sure how you have handled the crisis, but I have been surprised by some different ways I have reacted. I’ll share one. Over a week ago, my cousin invited me to a private group on Facebook titled “What do you see from your window?” Currently, there are 228,661 members around the world. And the group is exactly what it sounds like. People post pictures and videos of what they see from their quarantine window. Simple, simple pictures right from their homes. And it brings me so much happiness. Why?! I’m not sure! But it does! Praise God, for whoever thought of this group. And thank the Lord for my cousin inviting me!

From what I can tell, normal life is way, way in the future. I think we can find a little more strength to face tomorrow realizing how faithful God has been to us this past month. Good job persevering! We are here for a purpose. And we will make it through this.


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