#80: The Land of Nights

We don't know how long this quarantine will last and what all the aftermath will be.  For me, missing church on Easter yesterday was especially sad.  Additionally, the night before I had learned that a dear friend is sick.  I know that Jesus has risen.  I know that I have hope.  I know there is a beautiful forever for all God's children with no pain.  But, right now...right now...I'm still here.  Where there is pain, death, tears.  We have not yet entered that far away happy place where there is no need for the sun and there will be no night.  Presently, we are still earthlings feeling the huge weight of Adam's rebellion.  Though an incomprehensibly glorious day awaits those who repent and believe in our resurrected Savior, for now, we must first humbly and faithfully walk through this very dark, global night.  That is our calling for the time being.  Press on in the land of nights!
Photo by tommy haugsveen on Pexels.com

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