Safe in My Father’s Arms

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Several times of late, I have keenly felt the little girl inside me aching to return to her father’s strong, comforting embrace so that I could once again experience the illusion that all is right in the world simply because my daddy is holding me. Unlike many people, I grew up with a positive father/daughter relationship, for which I am grateful. One of the hardest transitions in adulthood was leaving my father. However, I am learning much about my heavenly Father, who will forever hold me and keep me safe.

This greater Father promises that He “gives perseverance and encouragement.” (Romans 15:5) Recently, while in great need of encouragement, I prayed that He would fulfill His promise to me. But I wanted to know it was from Him and not “random” or “coincidental,” so I made that desire directly known to God as well. And, perhaps bordering on being a demanding child, I requested it arrive within 24 hours. (I’m still trying to understand exactly how to pray at times, so please do not take this as an example to emulate.)

Within 24 hours, the following happened.

Walking into my bedroom, I glimpsed from the doorway an envelope laying on my bedside table. Having learned my lesson from making assumptions about notes a year ago, I immediately cautioned myself against believing my first impression. Going directly to the note, slowly but with focus, I soon discovered my first impression was correct this time. The note was from Ryan. And, it was a note of encouragement.

If your spouse douses you with notes, this small gesture might seem insignificant or ordinary. For me, this experience was literally a once in a lifetime moment. My husband has never written me a note of encouragement. Ever. This is not a put down but to help you understand our particular relationship. I love to write and blog. Ryan not so much. Opposites attract, right? Go back and read my post about expectations if you need even more convincing of how much Ryan does not write me.

Additionally, this note was something that I had directly requested months ago. If you recall, I encouraged you to be direct with your spouse in this post. Following my own advice, I literally took a blank card and put a post-it note on it which read, “6/10/22 For you to write me a note of encouragement that I can read again and again. Thank you.” Then, I put the blank card on my husband’s desk and waited. For months, it has sat in a pile of papers on his desk never being touched but only further buried – that is, until the 24 hour time frame as I waited for my heavenly Father to clearly encourage me.

Deciding to clean up his desk, which happens about once a blue moon, Ryan came across the blank card. Then, taking decisive action, he grabbed a pen and composed the most heartfelt written encouragement I have ever received from him. Being the only written encouragement I have ever received from him makes it easy to win the most heartfelt I guess. That fact aside, it was an incredible note. Short. Sweet. Incredibly encouraging. Since that day, it has been on my bedside table and repeatedly read.

Psalm 105:1, “Oh give thanks to the LORD, call upon His name; make known His deeds among the peoples.”

Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin

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