10 Happy Thoughts

A long laundry list of posts have been started, but when I glanced over them to discern what to pick up and complete, they all felt heavy, weighty, and not at all of interest to me, let alone to you. Instead, I wanted something happy. Uplifting. Encouraging. Nothing addressing a problem or trying to create a solution. Nothing about politics or current events or racism or conflict of any sort. Simply 10 happy thoughts. So this post is my challenge to myself to come up with 10 happy thoughts. Here goes – the first 10 happy thoughts that enter my consciousness.

  1. A fuzzy brown and black caterpillar scooting across the sidewalk in the middle of the meadow.
  2. Fully stocked shelves at the grocery store.
  3. Green traffic lights.
  4. Pumpkin spiced anything.
  5. Candy corn. (These are my happy thoughts. I understand yours may differ.)
  6. Defeat of the laundry monster.
  7. Coffee pot all set to go in the evening and ready to be turned on in the morning. Anticipation mounting!
  8. Divine Coffee. An amazing coffee shop that is one of a kind.
  9. TradeWind Coffee Co. Another amazing coffee shop that I experienced once.
  10. City Museum in Saint Louis. (Truth be told I wanted to write another coffee shop down, but I figured I should tear myself away from that category and think past the amazing haven of pretty much every single coffee shop I have entered. I really can’t think of a bad coffee shop. Can a bad coffee shop even exist?! Doubtful.)

There you have it. 10 happy thoughts to clean out the clogged brain of bad, depressing, sad, non-helpful thoughts.

Life gets weighty. Lighten it with some happy thoughts.

“In everything give thanks.” I Thessalonians 5:18

What are your 10 happy thoughts?


  1. Fireplace, baby smiles, baby going home soon, potatoes used before they sprout (in a yummy casserole), cooler days, shoeboxes filled, great music, baby coos (going-home-soon baby!), family style Minecraft, organic physics discussion prompted by Minecraft. That’s mine. We’re babysitting my nephew tonight.

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  2. Your happy thoughts take me conversations we had at that homey coffee shop, “Nana’s Cottage.”
    Remembering places of ease and time of joy are therapeutic and help healing. Count your blessings, name them one by one…

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