Walking Around with a Broken Heart

Here are 10 recommendations for this condition:

  1. Read the Bible. Especially the Psalms.
  2. Read the Bible. Especially the gospels focusing on the life of Jesus, a Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.
  3. Read the Bible. And journal.
  4. Read the Bible. And pray.
  5. Read the Bible. And cry. Setting a 15 minute timer for this activity is helpful (I can’t recall where I first learned the timer tip).
  6. Read the Bible. And take a nap. Again a timer comes in handy so you don’t spend all of your time in your cozy bed since you do still have to attempt to do “life.”
  7. Read the Bible. And walk. Walk longer. Maybe even longer. Listening to a podcast, especially a sermon, at the same time is recommended.
  8. Read the Bible. And talk to a trusted, wise, qualified counselor and/or pastor. Talk to them again. And probably again.
  9. Read the Bible. And attend church weekly. Even if you don’t feel like it. Do it anyway. I’m not saying you have to be all talkative and engaging. Just show up.
  10. Read the Bible. And order pizza when your brain isn’t up to making a complicated meal. By complicated I mean anything harder than ordering pizza. On second thought, maybe just enjoy a bowl of refreshing cold cereal. You can resume preparing your impressive gourmet dishes later. Then read the Bible again.

Ever break a bone? Did it heal overnight? Broken hearts are like broken bones. They will heal. But it takes time. Sometimes a lot of time. God is near the broken-hearted. Your faith has the opportunity to grow stronger. Your relationship with Christ can be deepened. Your testimony further enriched. Keep walking with the lead weight of a broken heart knowing that one day it will all be patched back up and lighter than a feather. And if not fully healed in this short breath of existence, know that eternity is just around the corner and will make this heartache absolutely not worth mentioning for all the glory we will be consumed with enjoying. A better day is coming. A much, much better day. Meanwhile, the level of intimacy with Christ that can only be attained when broken-hearted is priceless. Keep walking!


  1. As usual, truth said! I was going to say well said, but it was really more truth. When the enemy uses heartache to distract us from God, it easily creeps into a lifestyle. I loved that you emphasized reading your Bible, its truth and making time to hear from God is essential! Thank you for this reminder ole friend! Koko

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