My Favorite Memory of Ryan

Ryan and Elizabeth

My favorite memory of Ryan during our 17 years of marriage so far happened several years ago.  We were headed to our childhood church, all dressed up.  As we passed through a small, poor, predominantly black neighborhood on our way to church, we came upon a young African American man with a flat tire.  As cars flew by, Ryan chose to stop and ask the man if he needed help.  He gratefully accepted the offer.  Ryan all dressed up from head to toe (who does care very much about his clothes and dress shoes staying in pristine condition) proceeded to get out of our vehicle, roll up his dress shirt sleeves, bend down, and help this young black man change his tire.

Having grown up in the South, I had sensed there was an invisible divide between whites and blacks.  As I watched Ryan serve this man, I knew that invisible divide was being crossed, and it was beautiful.

After watching this panel of 5 African American pastors, I have an even deeper appreciation for the beauty of that moment.


February is African American History Month.   Here is my post that has many resources to get you started on growing your knowledge this month.  After all I have learned this past year and a half, I am more thankful than ever that Ryan stopped and offered help to that stranger!


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