Simple Expressions of Compassion

We can’t take away people’s pain, but we can make life sweeter when we truly feel the pain of another and take action to bring comfort. The following are three simple expressions of compassion.

  • While on a family beach vacation, my young daughter fell off her bike. The lady in the house where my daughter had fallen came outside and gave a Popsicle to stop the stream of tears and calm my little girl down.
  • A woman lost her husband. Another lady, knowing the deceased spouse had always given chocolate covered cherries on certain occasions to his bride, started up the gift-giving in his place, adding the anniversary of the man’s passing. On the 6th anniversary of becoming a widow, the grieving woman said those chocolate covered cherries meant so much.
  • When I entered the large room full of chattering church ladies, mostly all strangers and mostly already sitting down at the round tables, I started scanning for an empty spot amidst the crowd. I was relieved to notice the woman across the room waving to get my attention. I had briefly met her before and she could see my predicament. Happily I walked to the open seat next to her.

Let us work at noticing the pain and discomfort around us and eagerly expressing compassion. The simplest acts can have a profound impact.

Colossians 3:12, “So, as those who have been chosen of God, holy and beloved, put on a heart of compassion.”

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