Focus on Those in Front of You

Connecting with people is one of my greatest joys in life. From brief one-time encounters to deep friendship, I relish interacting with fellow image-bearers and feeling that intangible bond form between us. So, on the flip-side, relinquishing certain relationships has been tremendously hard for me. A few months ago, a dear friend and her family, all of whom I love, moved across the country requiring me to let go of our local friendship and receive the long-distance replacement.

I expected this change to be hard and it was (is). But during one particular phone call we had, she mentioned the importance of focusing on people in front of us. That stuck with me, and I’ve strived to do just that, not only in honor of her but because I believe she is right.

In order for this friend to have lived in my vicinity for a time, it required she say bye to her parents and move across country to where I live. A few months back, a lady I know had to say bye to her adult son when he chose to move across country. Another woman I know locally has an adult daughter living across the country. Numerous adults do not live in close proximity to their parents.

Who is in front of me right now? My four children. In the not so distant future, they might be the ones moving across the country.

As we miss those far away, let us also choose to purposely notice those still in close proximity. God always crosses our paths with someone. The child. The spouse. The neighbor. The teacher. The coach. The boss. The employee. The co-worker. The new person at church. The friend. The store clerk. Let’s focus on the priceless people presently in front of us. To bless. To encourage. To warn. To instruct. To love. Who has God providentially put in front of you today?

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