The Beautiful Predictability of Spring

The trees, flowers and bushes in my neighborhood didn’t get the memo that the world is upside down right now and that life has yet to return to “normal.” No mask-mandate, social injustice, political change, or random gunman can stop the cherry tree from blooming. Shortly, my beloved wisteria will predictably join in the festivities, and no amount of effort exerted will be able to thwart the phenomenal purple flowers from gracefully hanging yet again.

Considering what seven billion people have endured the past twelve months and the ongoing nature of it all as well as my own personal trials, I find this particular spring tangibly comforting. As I drive around, blooms greet me everywhere. Plant life surges forward without the slightest change or upheaval or distress. The cherry tree is doing what it always has done and what it always will do as long as the earth remains. (Genesis 8:22)

In a global season of continuing distress, I pray spring 2021 will cause us to pause and reflect and remember what dependably remains the same. Spring. And the Maker of spring. (Hebrews 13:8)

In a world that is constantly unpredictable, where heartbreak could be just around the corner if it hasn’t already met you face to face, may you find comfort in the beautiful predictability of spring and may you with all your heart love the One who imagined and brought forth the diverse display of blossoms surrounding us.

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