A Friend Loves at All Times

A beautiful truth about friendship is stated in Proverbs 17:17a, “A friend loves at all times.”

Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

However, recently the timing of reading this verse actually caused me discomfort. Do I really love at all times? Love as defined by I Corinthians 13. Am I really a true friend?

Friendship is a tremendous gift during this hard journey called life. Yet, at some point in every friendship, a moment will arrive when love is not an automatic response but a conscientious choice. What will we choose in such moments? Will we imitate Christ loving His friend Judas who betrayed Him? Will we imitate Christ loving His friend Peter who denied Him? Will we imitate Christ loving His friends James and John who could not even stay awake to pray with Him hours before His crucifixion yet had requested that He place them on His right and on His left in glory? Christ perfectly loved all His imperfect friends at ALL times.

A book that has greatly blessed me in the area of friendship is Messy Beautiful Friendship by Christine Hoover. The title says it all!

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