Coffee Mugs

Can I step away from politics, pandemics, and #2021 and talk about coffee mugs for a minute? Because coffee mugs help me face each day. Coffee mugs are what the Walmart Pickup guy and I talked and laughed about this morning as he loaded groceries in the back of my van. Seriously. Very fun conversation!

Every day we have to rise and shine and face the reality that we are still here. Here being in this cursed world. That’s tough. Don’t know about you, but I’d really like to wake up in a perfect world. Facing reality every morning can be difficult. And here is where the coffee mug comes into play.

When I struggled with living in Atlanta, I grabbed that hip Starbucks Atlanta mug and physically embraced where God had providentially placed me. As my close friend has now moved across the country, I cling to that beautiful pink mug she gave me and thank God for her friendship and find comfort as I adjust to her absence.

The Cuba mug reminds me of the person who gave it to me and the fun memories around that moment. When I spy the E mug, a smile comes to my face as I think of the good friend who gave it to me for Christmas one year. The black and white mug, though seldom chosen by me, sits in my cabinet and reminds me of my mom who always chooses that one when she visits.

My cabinet full of coffee mugs makes me happy. Love and memories are represented on those shelves. Yes, I live in a cursed world, but opening that special cabinet every 24 hours and thoughtfully, intentionally choosing which mug to use is one small but powerful way I embrace the new day, face reality, and strive to renew my mind. God will carry me through whatever craziness lies ahead. What helps you face each new day?

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