A Lesson from Socks

While at a large family holiday gathering, my heart was moved with compassion as I observed a couple guys who were wearing socks with holes. These poor college students apparently could not afford the essentials, so I purchased and mailed these distant relatives some new socks. Not always being the most observant, I was grateful I had noticed their need and trusted they enjoyed their surprise package.

Fast forward several years to the present. My oldest child is sitting in the middle of a large family gathering with everyone’s eyes on him. As he quickly takes off his shoes to willingly demonstrate something from karate, he unashamedly reveals socks with massive holes. What in the world is my 14 year old son doing wearing these socks?! Days later, he and I are out shoe shopping. With no privacy from fellow shoppers or employees, my son readily removes his shoes, and I am once again shocked to witness ginormous holes in these socks as well. I’m talking big toe sticking out and heel fully exposed holes. What in the world?!

Then I have the flashback. Those college kids. Confidently without any hesitation, I had assumed they needed socks, couldn’t afford socks, and that I was doing such a kind, thoughtful deed. Now I reflected with embarrassment on my gift. What if they were actually being exactly like my son?! Not at all self-conscious or bothered by only half the foot being covered and completely unable to voluntarily part with beloved socks.

A lesson from socks: I know less than I presume to know.

However, let’s not end on such a discouraging reality.  I may at times lack knowledge that I even lack knowledge (Donald Rumsfeld knows what I’m talking about…the unknown unknowns), but I serve a loving, good God with infinite knowledge.  The Bible is full of evidence concerning this comforting reality, but we’ll consider two passages. Check out how much the King of Kings knows in Daniel 2.  See Psalm 139 for a comprehensive description of God’s omniscience. Our Creator accurately knows all our needs and is fully able to provide for each one.

Another lesson from socks: God knows why every worn out sock is still being worn.

A final lesson from socks:

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding.” Proverbs 3:5

We purchased some new socks. My son loves them and said he will struggle with letting go of these as well. He has full knowledge of this post.


  1. For we walk by faith, not by the sight of “holey” socks! I love your lessons and especially the lessons that all your children teach us!!! I would love to give my husband some socks like this! Where did you find them?

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