The Gift of 2020

Here I sit in a mask in a waiting room with four others waiting in masks as well. We’re spaced apart. We’re all on our phones. Welcome to summer 2020.

In the world prior to this crazy time period, we could walk around with the illusion that things were fine. We could delude ourselves into believing we could find true happiness here on earth. Now, while we all don masks, the reality of life has been unmasked. We live in an imperfect world that is leading us all to most certain death, and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

We’re staying close to home. Wearing masks. Keeping our distance from dearest of friends. Canceling trips. Not hugging. Not going to church. Basically, we’re freaked out.

Two more people have entered the waiting room. Masks on. Phones in hand. Hello 2020.

But this hard year might be the best thing that has ever happened to this generation. We have a unique chance to clearly see reality. To see death. To stop and evaluate life. To ask questions. To ponder why we are here at all and why we are so determined to fight this invisible enemy and live as long as possible. 2020 has shaken us out of our stupor that all is fine. It’s given us a chance to contemplate the Creator leaving bliss to enter this pandemic-prone world. Jesus has never been deceived thinking the world is fine. 2020 has given us the opportunity to repent and believe on Him. 2020 has been a gift.

2020 has reminded us we all will die. All the masks, gloves, hand washing, and vaccines in the world can’t keep us from eventually dying. But taking that last breath is actually when real life begins. God wants us to live forever. Not here in this cursed world. But with Him. Perfect paradise. No tears. No pain. No abuse. No oppression. No injustice. But in order to really live, we must first acknowledge our current complete helpless state. 2020 has shown us how helpless we are physically, but we are just as helpless spiritually. Will we surrender? Will we stop pretending we are good? Will we see our hearts? Our hatred? Our bitterness? Our anger? Will we recognize we are mere human and that God is God? Will 2020 humble us and be the gift that trials can be? Or will we be stubborn, proud, and rebel against our Creator?

This has been a very hard year. But it might be one of the greatest gifts any of us has ever received.

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