#78: Social Isolation in the Bible

As I try to process this crazy time of quarantine, Noah has come to mind. In the past, my focus on this Old Testament saint centered on his responsibility for the many, many animals in the ark. However, with the strange times we find ourselves in currently, I am now noticing additional aspects of Noah’s unique experience. His world was totally turned upside down, the economy was completely killed, and he was in total social isolation with seven family members for over a year! Once he finally emerged from his shelter, everyone else he knew had died.

Can you imagine?! A person as real as you or me really endured such unbearable circumstances. It’s not just a story. A fable. A fairy tale. Noah had to experience social isolation in a manner far worse than what any of us are going through. And the grief he felt must have been overwhelming. And he truly had to start completely over with no outside support. Though he survived, he had experienced total devastation.

Yet God was good through all of it. God was saving mankind. God was saving Noah. God was saving you and me.

I don’t know what all God is doing through COVID-19, but clearly He is up to something global again. Part of my personal struggle has been that God has felt distant these last few weeks unlike a few weeks prior when I had gone through a trial where God felt so present. But feelings never determine if God is with me or not. His Word does. Over and over He promises me that He is present. Even though the world is being turned upside down and I am socially isolated and really missing my church family and my karate family, God has not abandoned me. He is present. God still has little, individual me on His radar. I am not overlooked in the pandemic. He will carry me through. Just like He carried Noah.

Though we are overwhelmed with the size of the current crisis, God is NEVER overwhelmed. He still sees you in this chaos. He has lost sight of absolutely no one. What a comfort in this time of intense social isolation and uncertainty! Keep walking by faith! Cling to Him! We will make it through this quarantine and whatever is on the horizon. God helped Noah. God will help us!

Feelings are not to be trusted. His Word is our refuge. Our rock. Our stronghold. God IS with His people. Always.


  1. Nice post. I hadn’t thought about Noah in relation to the current crisis. It’s so nice to be reminded that God’s presence isn’t dependent upon my feelings. When He feels distant, it is usually me who has moved away.

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