#76: Waiting…Waiting…Waiting

Waiting isn’t natural. I don’t do it so well. I want the end of the story today. But waiting is part of the rhythm of life. Sometimes today just involves waiting. And waiting and waiting and waiting.

But I wait with great anticipation that the God of hope will once again accomplish His plans that are far superior to my own. He has done great things. He can do great things again. Will I just be patient enough and wait on His timing?

I wrote the above a little while back when enduring a trial that had a start date but at that point no end date. I was in a season of waiting, and it felt like forever. However, that trial did end. And though it was hard, I wouldn’t trade what I went through. In the waiting, I grew to know God in a priceless way.

Our world is in a dark place. We are hurting. Circumstances are unfathomable. God would have us call out to Him. Lean on Him. Pray to Him. Hear Him through the Bible. And to wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. We don’t know the end date. And that is what makes it all so much harder.

When we read history, we know what is going to happen. As we read about World War II, we know Hitler was defeated and when. But what was it like to be in the middle of World War II? To wait. To not know who would be victorious or when the fighting would cease.

One day the COVID-19 pandemic will be history, and future generations will know the end date.

But we are in the middle. We are waiting. And we don’t know how this will all turn out.

God tells us in Psalm 27:14 to just keep on patiently waiting. God is at work. Our job is to wait. By His power, we can do just that.

Wait for the LORD;
Be strong and let your heart take courage;
Yes, wait for the LORD.

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