#74: Coronavirus Acrostic Poems by My Kids!

Our family has moved from the crazy stage of quarantine to the creative stage (at least for the moment). Thinking outside the box, my friend and I greatly enjoyed a “social distancing sanity walk” in my neighborhood. She took the curb; I took the sidewalk. It was soooooo good to talk to her in person. The airhug wasn’t like the real thing, but I’ll take it. We were able to laugh and talk and feel kinda normal…as normal as you can feel when you are purposely keeping your distance from each other.

Social Distancing Sanity Walk

The real creativity came from my thirteen year old son this morning when he, completely on his own initiative and out of the blue, presented me with his coronavirus acrostic poem. Brilliant idea. I challenged the other three kids to write one as well. Here is our finished attempts. They give you a glimpse into these strange times from a young person’s perspective.

The Poets
By my 13-year-old son

Coughing is not fun,
Open stores - hard to find!
Remember to wash your hands,
Or else that virus is
Not gonna leave you alone!
After this quarantine,
Virus' curve should be flattened.
If I get it, I'll be sad, so
Remember to wash those hands
Until you run out of soap!
See you after quarantine!

By my 11-year-old daughter

COVID-19, quickly spreading,
Oops, I touched my face!
Really frustrating - everything is cancelled.
Online classes,
No more than a group of 10 in person.
At home all day,
Video watching at night.
In the White House, frantic effort,
Reduce death rates and rushing to hospitals.
United we must stand...in quarantine.
Stop the spread!

And her first attempt was this one which I thought pretty clever.

Stop the spread!!!

By my 9-year-old son

Coronavirus in the air,
On a bat, not a bear.
Remember to wash your hands,
On all the lands.
Never forget,
Awesome things still exist.
Very fast it spreads,
In every town.
Remember this,
Surprises still await!

By my 7-year-old daughter

Coughing is horrible
Oh! How horrible it is
Rough life
Oh! I wish it would go away
Nobody likes it
And everybody is buying food,
Vitamins are gone
I just wish a miracle would happen
Right now my family has to do zoom
Spring is almost here!

By Me

Count quarantine all joy
Oh people across the globe,
Remembering that trials, testing faith,
One by one, mature us.
Not what we would have chosen,
And, yet, it makes us stronger.
Virtual connections,
Invaluable now.
Recreating community,
Utilizing technology.
Social distancing revealing just how close we really are.

If you choose to have a go at it, please share your coronavirus acrostic poem in the comments below.  I'd love to read it!


  1. Hey Elizabeth! The day (2 months ago!) I saw your poems (which I love), I told Bradley we had to write some. He wrote his quickly, but I waited forever to get enough silence and time. So here you go:


    Careful what you touch and breathe, but more careful what you believe!
    Obey your authorities—just be sure who they are.
    Rule of Law is our nation’s unique foundation.
    Only serve the One True King of Eternity.
    Never fear is our Lord’s command.
    Accept and embrace His sovereign will.
    Verily, verily He speaks only Truth to us.
    Inside of God’s children is the greatest treasure in existence.
    Run to share the hope He has given us.
    Unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it will not produce many seeds.
    Speak life, speak grace.


    Cool, we’re stuck at home now.
    Of course my wants to leave.
    Really, I’m enjoying it.
    Online school.
    No places to go.
    And a blanket fort to live in.
    Very enjoyable.
    I hope we never leave.
    Realistically though,
    Unless I
    See the sun again, I’ll become a newt.


      • I absolutely LOVED our “distance get together”!!!! ❤️🤗🤗 It was a much needed and refreshing break in all the craze that’s been going on. Was thinking we should FaceTime, but it doesn’t compare to one on one! I think we got a lot more laughs out of it. So thankful for you!! 🙏🏻🤗 KOKO


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