Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Hair

Recently five white women sat around a table eating.  One started talking about how much she loved using dry shampoo.  At this revelation, another lady exclaimed how dirty she would feel if she didn’t wash her hair every day.

Oh no, here we go. I thought.


And how frequently we wash it.  I hate when this topic enters a conversation.

Many white women wash their hair every single day.  Or at the very least every other day.

I have thick, coarse, dry hair.  Washing my hair every day or even every other day isn’t best for my hair.  But I try to keep that on the down low.

The lady who washed her hair every day and couldn’t imagine someone not doing so looked directly at me and point blank asked me, “Do you wash your hair every day?!”

All right, here I go.

Smiling, I coyly replied, “Is it a sin to not wash your hair every day?”

The conversation continued without me revealing how frequently (or I should say infrequently) I wash my hair.

Inwardly though, I thought back to an enlightening conversation I had previously with an African American friend who needed to wash her hair even less than I do.

While writing this post, I found this interesting NY Times article recommending how often we should really wash our hair.

The variety of our hair types brings glory to God.  Take a look around and notice how creative God was when it came to the top of our heads.  He fearfully and wonderfully made each of us…hair and all. (Psalm 139:14)

As I have studied African American culture, I have discovered that hair for Black women can be a big source of stress.  It seems like hair is a universal stressor for all women!  But as African American women choose their hairstyle in a predominantly white culture, they face a unique stress that white women don’t.  Here are three articles written by Christian Black women to explain what I mean.

Hair and the Black Woman

Unpretty: TLC, Natural Hair, and God

When Hair Becomes a Heart Issue

I encourage all of us to embrace the hair God gave us, wash it as often as needed, and be fascinated with the variety of hair on those around us.

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