What impact am I having?

Have you ever been touched by someone you didn’t even know, talk to, or interact with?  I permanently have etched in my mind certain moments in my life that touched me deeply.  A loving mom washing off the beach toys for her toddler touched me just when I needed the encouragement to keep tirelessly serving my own four kids.  A kind smile from a tall African American man touched me when I volunteered at the food pantry with him in downtown Atlanta.  The racial tensions of our times lessened for me for a moment as black and white worked in harmony.  The woman at the park who was grieving in a way that only could speak of terrible loss still haunts me.  I knew something horrible had happened in those few seconds that I happened by the park that day.  I searched online later and discovered that yes, this woman had lost her son.  He had been murdered.  And, I had happened upon a memorial service for him and drove past her at the very moment she was utterly broken.  I saw how deeply one human can love another.  And how deeply it hurts to be torn apart.

And, I wonder how Anne Frank felt as she endured being hidden away from the world.  She never knew she would make history and touch so many lives through her private writings.

Anne Frank

People touch us.  And we touch people.  We are knitted together in a way that is beyond our comprehension.  The small every day things we do can make an impact we most likely will never know.

So, keep taking that next right step.  Writing in a diary.  Serving your child.  Smiling at a stranger.  Crying when you are heartbroken.

Just live.  You are making a difference in the world.  God is accomplishing His big plan that encompasses all of time and all of humanity…and He uses you and me in our day to day lives to do just that.

Recently while feeling down and thinking my life didn’t make much of a difference in the world, I dropped off a meal for someone who is dealing with many health problems.  As I entered the room, the husband stood up and said he needed to give me a big hug and thank me for all that I had done.  I was truly perplexed and asked for clarification.  He then said that my daily “KOKO” text to his wife had been a huge support to them.  I had no idea.  For awhile now, I have daily texted his wife, “KOKO.”  That’s it.  It stands for Keep on Keeping On.  But, that very small daily choice on my part had made a big difference in their lives.  It had reminded them of all the many people who are praying for them during this difficult time.  Those four simple letters were a source of huge encouragement.

We are making an impact.  We might not always see it or be aware of it, but be assured, we are making an impact.  Let’s make it a good one.

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